CIE Won the "Excellent Organization Award" of the CUPB 10th Walking Contest in Commemoration of the December 9th Movement

In order to create a good campus sports culture atmosphere, the College of Physical Education and Arts Humanities of China University of Petroleum (Beijing) held the 10th Walking Contest in commemoration of the December 9th Movement from November 27 to December 3, 2021.

The competition was held in the form of an outdoor activity week. International students from China University of Petroleum (Beijing) participated actively. In the end, HOJALYYEV BEGENCH from Turkmenistan won the title of "Best Ironman on Foot of China University of Petroleum (Beijing)" with excellent results, and the College of International Education won the Excellent Organization Award.


This activity improved the physical fitness and the interest of international students to participate in sports in winter, and did a warm-up for students to welcome the Winter Olympics.