New Student Registration Link and Registration Procedures

New Student Registration Link and Registration Procedures

1. New student registration will begin on August 28th, 2021, until September 3rd, 2021.

2. All students have received copies of their admission letters through their registered email. Students who applied for CSC type A scholarship should contact the Chinese Embassy in their country or the institution that oversees awarding scholarships in their country for the scholarship result and ask for the admission materials.

3. All students are expected to complete the registration online by clicking this link and logging in with their passport number and admission number. After logging in, fill in the required information and upload a signed copy of your admission letter. And upload a signed copy of the new students' notice Attachment 1.

4、After registration, you will be sent details on how to attend class.

Steps on how to register

1. Visit the registration page and input your passport number as it appears in your passport and Admission number. :


2. Check if your information is correct and fill in any missing information.

If you are not in China, fill in the form as follows. (Please note that entry of students into China is not possible now.)

Place of entry:  Country, you are in at the moment.

Visa Type: X1

Visa Number: Your passport number

Date of issue of Visa: Today

Visa valid until: Today

Mobile in China: You can use your county's phone number. (Phone numbers in China have an 11 number format )

Address in China: The University address

Those in China should fill in their Port of entry into China e.g Beijing Capital Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Shanghai Pudong, etc, and the date of your last entry into China.


3. Upload a signed copy of your admission letter and attachment 1 and submit it.


4. That marks the end of online registration. DETAILS ON HOW TO ATTEND CLASS WILL BE SENT AFTER THAT REGISTRATION.

5. Students in China should also visit this link to apply for entry into the university and complete physical registration.

Attachment 1.pdf