Online Fitness Challenge Series - Rope Skipping Competition Notice

A.Competition time

Preliminary competition date: June 6-10, 2022

Final date: June 11-13, 2022


It is recommended to live at home or in open places indoors and outdoors

Note: in case of isolation and other special circumstances, I need to comply with the relevant epidemic prevention policies of my community, and practice and record videos under the condition of ensuring safety.


a. Women's race 1 minute single swing

b. Men's race 1 minute single swing

c. Women's 30 second double swing

d. Men's 30 second double swing

D. Video recording requirements

a. The captured video is continuous and complete without editing, double speed and clear image quality. When recording the video, place a clearly visible timing device in the picture, and use a mobile phone or tablet computer to call up a stopwatch to place it in the video. The video without a timer is regarded as invalid video and the competition result is canceled.

b. The video recording needs to be taken in a quiet, clean background and well lit environment, requiring full body exposure.

c. We will contact you to submit the competition video. The video file is named "College - Project - name - score".

d. In case of any discrepancy between the video score and the filled score, the video score shall be the final score.

E.Ranking admission

a. The top eight are admitted to each competition.

b. We will announce the competition results and awards on the official account of the sports center of the University of China and present certificates and prizes to the athletes after returning to school.

F.Competition rules

Rules of single swing competition: select a suitable venue, and the athlete jumps once at the beginning of the competition. At the same time, shake the rope with both hands to make the rope body pass through the head and feet for a continuous circle (360), counting one rope jump; The timing of the competition will begin. The time is 1 minute. Calculate the number of single shake jumps.

Rules of the double swing competition: select a suitable venue. At the beginning of the competition, the athlete jumps once. At the same time, shake the rope with both hands to make the rope body pass through the head and feet for two consecutive rounds (720). Count as one rope jump; The time of the match will begin. The time is 30 seconds. Calculate the number of double shake jumps.

G.Competition discipline

a. Please take appropriate protective measures and safety protection during video shooting, and participate in this activity on the basis of ensuring your own safety and not causing adverse effects on others.

b. Participants should wear sportswear and sports shoes. Before the exercise, the full warm-up needs to stretch all joints and muscle groups. After the exercise, they should do relaxation exercise.

c. People with congenital heart disease, asthma and other diseases or who are not fit for strenuous exercise are not allowed to participate in the competition.

d. Strictly abide by the competition requirements and rules. In case of cheating such as video fraud, other people taking the place of competitors, using technical means to extend the time or increase the number, their competition qualification will be cancelled and a notice of criticism will be circulated.

e. Pay attention to appearance, dress, and use standard network language and behavior during any competition stage. There are no bad pictures, objects, language banners, bad background music, audio, etc. in and around the background.

H.Registration method

Please refer to wechat group notice for specific registration methods.