The College of Mechanical and Transportation Engineering was established after a readjustment in April 2010 from the former College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, which was initially founded in 1953 as the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Beijing Petroleum College. After burgeoning for over six decades, the college has developed as a nationally recognized fostering and training base for high-level talents specialized in petroleum equipment, oil- gas transportation, safety of oil- gas production, and energy engineering.
Since its initial foundation, the College has expanded rapidly in enrolment, curriculum, faculty, equipment and research, in both quality and quantity. Currently, it is composed of four departments, namely, Department of Electromechanical Engineering, Department of Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation, Department of Safety Engineering and Department of Thermal Engineering. The College now launches sixteen programs leading to BEng, MSc, MEng and PhD degrees respectively. Specifically, those are BEng in Mechanical and Automation Engineering, BEng in Oil- Gas Storage and Transportation, BEng in Energy and Power Engineering, BEng in Safety Engineering, MSc in Mechanical Engineering, MSc in Oil- Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering, MSc in Thermal Energy Engineering, MSc in Safety Science and Engineering, MEng in Mechanical Engineering, MEng in Oil and Gas Engineering, MEng in Power Engineering, MEng in Safety Science and Engineering, PhD in Mechanical Engineering, PhD in Oil- Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering, PhD in Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics and PhD in Safety Science and Engineering.
These programs are led by a team of active, conscientious, knowledgeable and dynamic faculty members, which includes 27professors and 30 associate professors. Some of our faculty members have established themselves as the world-class scholars. They have consistently received prestigious regional, national and international awards. Some awards received by the faculty members in recent years are as follows: the National Fund for Distinguished Young Scientist, National Excellent Teachers, Beijing Star Teachers, Beijing Excellent Teachers, Top 100 National Excellent PhD Dissertations, the Excellent Personnel of the New Century, the Fok Ying Tung Education Fund, the Sun Yueqi Science Technology Education Award, Beijing New Science and Technology Star and Top Young Scholars of the university.
As for scientific research, the College focuses on research areas in Mechanical Engineering, Oil- Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering, Safety Engineering and Thermal Engineering. It has set up two laboratories for scientific research. After years of endeavors, the College has achieved considerable outstanding results.
Sixty years mark a significant milestone for the College of Mechanical and Transportation Engineering. We have always deemed that high- quality teaching and high- quality research are of equal importance and have been actively nurturing talents for our society while developing scientific research. We look to extend our research achievements and results to industries and make greater contributions and impact to the society. The College will strive for the highest international standards in both teaching and research. Our vision is to be recognized nationally and internationally as a top tier mechanical and transportation engineering college meeting the highest standards of excellence.