Microstructure Laboratory for Energy Materials

The Microstructure Laboratory for Energy Materials (MLEM) is constituent part of the two State Key Laboratories in China University of Petroleum, Beijing. It is a center for microscopy characterization on the microstructure of materials.


The mission of the MLEM is to excel in scientific research and graduate education. Research at MLEM is directed to understanding the structure of solids, the characteristics of the surfaces and interfaces, and the element distribution in the materials. Meanwhile, the staffs in MLEM are working on the field of shape memory composite and have published the first paper in Science at this University. The director of this lab is Prof. Lishan Cui, and there are other four staffs in this lab, who are responsible for the facilities such as SEM, TEM and XRD et al.

Director of ResearchProf. Lishan Cui

Date: 2015-04-27