Research Institute of Enhanced Oil Recovery (RIEOR) in CUPB was established in Nov. 23, 2011, which was extended on the foundation of the EOR department established in Apr., 2002. RIEOR is one of the four research institutes directly subordinate to CUPB. 

RIEOR consists of 3 disciplines, including applied geology, reservoir development and applied chemical engineering. As a research institute, there are no bachelor programs in RIEOR, and 6 Master’s programs and 3 Ph. D programs are provided. For each discipline, there are two kinds of Master programs; one is Master of Science (Msc.) and Master of Engineering (MEng.)

The research of RIEOR concentrates on EOR technology, which covers extensively, including remaining oil characterization, water profile control and shut-off, chemical flooding, CO2 flooding, foam flooding, heavy oil recovery, low permeability reservoir development, water-alternating-gas flooding, horizontal wells and wells complex structures, reservoir fracturing and acidizing, reservoir stimulation, CO2 geological storage, physical simulation model making, EOR geological engineering and etc.

Our aims are that RIEOR becomes one of the leading research institutes in EOR research in the world. With this objective, faculty and research students in RIEOR have been working hard and made lots of achievement. For perspective student, RIEOR will offer them EOR technology knowledge and high level research Training.