News & Events

Happy New Year’s party of Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute was hosted successfully    2014-12-29

EOR team was runner-up in the 8th Graduate Debate Contest          2014-12-11

Sport team of EOR institute finished third at the second “Petroleum Cup” billiard ball contest        2014-12-11

The Sub-4th Academic Forum was hosted in EOR Institute      2014-11-26

“Stepping into academic research” lecture was held       2014-09-19

“Graduate Education” lecture was organized for new students      2014-09-14

Opening ceremony of EOR Institute was hosted today       2014-09-14

National PhD Student Forum of 2014 organized by EOR Institute was held successfully      2014-06-30

Dr. Bruce Hill-an expert at CO2 capture & storage was invited to give a wonderful report       2014-05-14

The 2014 Spring Sport of EOR Institute was held today     2014-04-20

Date: 2015-05-19