The School
The School of Foreign Languages, developed from the Department of Foreign Languages founded in 2000, was officially established in 2011, with its predecessor dating back to the Teaching Section of Foreign Languages in the Department of Basic Sciences in 1989.  It consists of one department (Department of English), three teaching sections (College English Teaching Section, Postgraduate English Teaching Section and Teaching Section of Asian-European Languages), and two research centers (i.e., China Research Institute of Global Energy Public Opinion and Center for Master of Translation and Interpreting Education). It provides university-wide language and cultural courses in English, German, Russian, French, Japanese, Spanish and Arabic.
The School currently has two master degree programs, i.e., Master of English Language and Literature and Master of Translation and Interpretation (MTI). And it awards bachelor degree to the English Majors. Besides, the establishment of China Global Energy Public Opinion as well as the Center for MTI Education has greatly promoted our overall academic research interest, in three areas, namely, cross-disciplinary research of energy public opinion, cross-cultural regional study of oil-producing countries, and studies of linguistic, literature, and translation. And the School is committed to integrating its research and studies with its teaching programs and faculty development. 
The School is led by a pool of outstanding scholars in cognitive linguistics, literary studies, translation studies and cultural and regional studies, particularly in translation and cross-cultural studies of major petroleum producing countries. It has recruited 68 full-time faculty members, consisting of 4 full professors, 18 associate professors and 41 lecturers.  Among them, 9 carry doctoral degrees and 43 master degrees, with 30 rich in academic experiences abroad.  In recent years, the school has achieved encouraging progress in research, with an increasing number of high-quality papers, books, textbooks, translations, edited books, and also research projects financed by Ministry of Education of China.
Department, Research Center and Teaching Sections
Department of English
College English Teaching Section
Postgraduate English Teaching Section
Teaching Section of Asian-European Languages
China Research Institute of Global Energy Public Opinion
Center for MTI Education
Senior Faculty Members
Professor Zhao Xiufeng,  PhD
Research interests: Cognitive linguistics, cognitive poetics, multimodal discourse analysis, and communication studies
Contact Number:+86-10-89733128
Professor Xu Fangfu 
Research interests: Applied linguistics, translation theories and practice, cultural  studies
Contact Number:+86-10-89733417
Professor Dai Weiping 
Research interests: Linguistics and applied linguistics, lexicology, English-Chinese translation
Contact Number:+86-10-89733282
Professor Sun Xudong
Research interests: Semantics, pragmatics, English Teaching Methodology (especially EST Teaching)
Contact Number:+86-10-89733477
Undergraduate Program: English Language and Literature
Main Courses: Comprehensive English, Advanced Comprehensive English, Pronunciation and Reading Aloud, Selective Readings of English Short Stories, Selective Readings of English EssaysSelective Readings of English Newspaper, Reading of Energy Public Opinion, Communicative Speaking, Presentation Speaking, English Public Speaking, English Debate, Communicative Listening, Feature Listening, News Listening, Academic Listening, Basic Writing, Practical Writing, Creative Writing, Academic Writing, Introduction to Linguistics, Translation, Liaison Interpretation, English Literature, American Literature
Degree Conferred: B.A.
Graduate Programs
Master of English Language and Literature
Research Fields:Applied Linguistics, Systematic-functional Linguistics, Theoretical Linguistics, Cognitive Linguistics, Translation Studies, Modern American Novel, English for Specific Purpose
Degree Conferred:  M.A.
Master of Translation and Interpretation
Research Fields: Translation in Petroleum Science, Literary Translation, Non-literary Translation, Translation of Energy Public Opinion, Translation Theory, Interpretation, Cultures of Oil-producing countries
Degree Conferred:MTI