The International Multiphase Flow Technology Forum (IMFTF) aims at facilitating the academic exchange and experience sharing worldwide. Its main objectives are promoting scientific and technical communication as well as fostering collaborations among researchers.
IMFTF focus

IMFTF is dedicated to multiphase technologies that can be extended to wide scale knowledges and methodologies for fundamental research reference. It is known that there still are many potential contents hidden in multiphase flow. Meanwhile,with great progress of computation technology and experimental facilities, present problems of multiphase flow should be well addressed by computational and experimental method.

IMFTF hopes to stimulate communication and make efforts in the future development directions of such an important scientific area. IMFTF welcomes discussion and aims at expanding the boundaries of knowledge that needed to solve challenging problems.

Research contents (not limited to)

Fundamental research in Computational and Experimental Methods for Multiphase Flows, Bubbly and Droplet Flows, Particle-laden Flows, Turbulence in Multiphase Flows.

Industrial applications in Reactive Multiphase Flows, Granular Media, Fluidization, Cavitation, Nucleation, Mixing, Collision, Agglomeration and Breakup and Flow Instabilities.

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