Constitution of International Multiphase Flow Technology Forum

The International Multiphase Flow Technology Forum (IMFTF) aims to promote academic exchange and research experiences in the area of multiphase flow. Its objectives are to facilitate scientific and technical communication as well as fostering collaborations among researchers.

Chapter I - General Provisions

Article 1 - Name

The name of the organization is "The International Multiphase Flow Technology Forum” (IMFTF)

Article 2 - Nature

IMFTF is set up as a non-government and non-profit international organization and shall hold meetings on a regular basis.

Article 3 - Objectives

1. To keep up with the pace of world innovation and development strategy in the area of multiphase flow technology.

2. To promote the prosperity, development, and popularization of science and technology in the area of multiphase flow.

3. To promote the close integration of science and technology of multiphase flow with the development of energy industry.

4. To promote the growth and improvement of talents in the area of multiphase flow.

5. To set up a platform for academic exchange and cooperation in the area of multiphase flow and collaborative innovation in this area.

6. To promote international exchanges of experts, scholars, students, managers and technicians in the area of multiphase flow.

Article 4 -Organizers

IMFTF is jointly organized by the Worldwide Energy University Network (WEUN) and China University of Petroleum – Beijing (CUP).

Article 5 -Address

China University of Petroleum-Beijing, 18 Fuxue Road, Changping District, Beijing, China 102249.

Chapter II - Scope

Article 6 – Scope of the work

The scope of the IMFTF includes (but it is not limited to) the following items:

1. To organize annual meetings, seminars and academic workshops that aim to develop the advancement of the area of multiphase flows.

2. To propose global initiatives, promote the development of the objectives and improve independent and collaborative innovation.

3. To popularize scientific knowledge, edit, publish and distribute articles, books, newspapers and periodicals in the area of multiphase flow.

4. To fasten the collaborations between international universities within the IMFTF network.

5. To become a well-known international organization in the area of multiphase flow and provide leading research experience and technology relevant in the energy arena.

6. To carry out all kinds of activities, such as convention and exhibition, information exchange, education and training, which are conducive to the realization of the purpose of the Forum.

Chapter III - Voting

Article 7 - Voting Rule

When the IMFTF committee is required to vote on any matter arising, the vote can be considered "passed" if 70% or more of the committee members agree. This voting rule is applicable to, but not limited to, the following circumstances: Admission of new committee members, decision of all kinds of IMFTF awards, selection of the host of new meetings, and formulation of new rules and regulations, etc.