On Campus

About our dormitory

There are three dormitory buildings in our campus(A/B/C) for international students. The first-year language learners are expected to live in the campus. The accommodation fees for room shared by two are 1500 RMB/month/person or 1200 RMB/month/person according to the size. We also provide single rooms if you are willing for a higher price.

All rooms are fully furnished and equipped with air-conditioner, wired internet capabilities, beds (with beddings and pillow), dressers, desks, table and chairs. While most utilities (water, electricity) are already paid, you are responsible for paying the monthly internet access fee of approximately 20 RMB per month. You can also find laundry room, recreational room, study room and shop in your convenient reach. Room-cleaning service is offered every day free of charge.

The health and fitness center offers well-appointed facilities: open gym, fitness studio, badminton court, basketball court, table tennis court, swimming pool, and more. Some of the courts are free of charge, some are charged by hour.

The gate of the dormitory building will be closed at 12pm each day. Make sure you can get back to the dorm on time.

Accommodation Registration

Within 24 hours of arriving in Beijing, all foreigners must be registered at the local police station near their residence (school dormitory、hotel or apartment).


How to get your Accommodation Registration Form

If you stay at school dormitory

If you are staying at school dormitory, our office should register your details with the PSB automatically when you arrive and you can get your Accommodation Registration Form in Room 207.

Required documents: your Passport,Student ID card.

If you stay at hotel

If you are staying at a hotel, the staff should register your details with the PSB automatically by computer when you arrive, but ask them to print it out for you.

Not all hotels in China are open to foreigners, though – some are for Chinese nationals only.

Required document: your Passport.

If you stay at apartment

Required documents:

Your passport with valid visa.(Original and Copies)

Rental agreement/contract.(Original and Copies)

ID card of Your landlord and his/her Property ownership certificate.(Copies)

You better invite your landlord/property manager/friend to come along and complete the process if this is the first time for you. The police may need other information to confirm your situation.


If you move to another apartment or have your visa renewed or activate another entry by crossing the border, you need to redo the registration in time.

To do the registration is quite important and useful. When you renew your visa, the Accommodation Registration Form is one of the necessary documents. If you don't do the registration or don't do it in time, you can get penalized according to the law.