Founded in March 2012, Academy of Chinese Energy Strategy (ACES) is a substantive institution and postgraduate training department directly under the China University of Petroleum-Beijing (CUPB). The predecessor of ACES was China Energy Strategy Research Institute, which was affiliated to CUPB’s School of Business Administration.
As an academy for advanced research into social, economic and political areas of energy issues, ACES is committed to the idea exchanges among the government, the academia and the enterprises. With the aim of meeting national energy strategy demand, ACES centers on studying and solving complex, leading-edge and comprehensive energy strategy problems, innovates scientific research and talent-training patterns, establishes a platform of academic communication, improves the hardware facilities construction and strengthens the construction of database and information platform. ACES aspires to become an energy soft scientific fundamental research platform, an energy strategy and policy consultancy service center and a training base for high-level energy inter-disciplinary talents, with a combination of energy strategy, economy, finance, politics and public opinions, open to all over the world.
ACES now offers English master program “Energy Finance and Energy System Analysis”, PhD programs in Management Science and Engineering, customized on-the-job training for energy company employees, as well as Executive Development Program (EDP) for top management, and plans to admit Master of Finance (MF) students in 2016.

The English master program “Energy Finance and Energy System Analysis” is a cross-discipline research field of two first-level disciplines: Management Science and Engineering and Applied Economics. It is a frontier and cross-discipline research direction established by CUPB, through integrating the advantage disciplines of management and economics. It is also an emerging academic discipline adapting to the urgent need of China’s energy development.

To meet the critical demand from China’s booming financial market, ACES prepares to launch the MF program in 2016, the training orientations of which include Energy Finance, Corporate Finance and Financial Market. Supported by the distinct petroleum context of CUPB, this MF program aims to cultivate advanced and specialized financial talents with knowledge of energy industry.
The ACES Faculty conducts research in many diverse fields within the disciplines of Management Science and Engineering, Applied Economics and International Political Economy. Research directions include Energy System Analysis, Energy Economy and management, Energy Finance, Energy Strategy and Energy Policy. The research groups are as follows: Energy System Analysis (ESA); Energy Supply Chain (ESC); Global Energy Policy (GEP); Energy Finance (EF).

Over the years, ACES has set up close strategic cooperative relationship with both the energy industry and the international community. Approximately 80% of the research projects undertaken by ACES are sponsored by multinational energy companies, like China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation (Sinopec), China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), etc.
In the future, ACES will endeavor to develop into a combination of “Think Tank”, “Information Base” and “Talent Pool” in energy related fields.