SPE Student Chapter

 About Us

SPE CUPB SC was once the CUPB Youth Petroleum Engineering Association, which was founded in 1995. At the same time, they made their own periodical—The Pioneer. With the help of plenty people, the association established connections with Society of Petroleum Engineers and 2005 witnessed the successfully found of the first SPE Student Chapter in China, known as SPE CUPB SC. 

Since then we has devoted a great deal to building an “International academic student organization”. In the past eight years, our chapter has gained great influences in our university and among students.

The International Petroleum Engineering Association president of 2009 Behrooz Fattah and the president of 2011 Alain Labastie both fully appreciated our ability in scientific research, student training and talents cultivating. We are delighted that SPE international has also formally acknowledged our excellent performance, and this has contributed to our chapter being regarded as the Best Chapter of the month for January, 2011.

In 2012, our chapter won the honor of “Outstanding Student Chapter” which makes us the first and the only one Asian student chapter having this achievement. Thanks to the rich experience in holding meetings and activities, we will continue to be the organizer of the forum. 



Competitions and Events

1. Chinese Food Festival

As the host, we will prepare many kinds of Chinese foods for all of you in the Chinese Food Festival event. We will also invite you to make the delicious foods by yourselves. Definitely, you will have fun in this festival.

2. Culture Night

To strengthen cultural exchanges, we suggest all participants to dress your traditional costume in this night and each chapter to prepare one or two shows. We encourage you to introduce your traditional culture with a PPT limited in 5 minutes. Moreover, Chinese food and culture will present for you in the event. Culture night will be an interesting experience for you.

3. Petroleum Industry Exhibition

Dozens of oil companies will be invited to join this Exhibition. You can learn the history of the oil companies, and communicate with HRs face to face about interns and careers. Other interesting activities and beautiful gifts will prepare for you. 

4. Competition

4.1 Paper Contest

The Paper Contest, as an important part of future petroleum engineers forum, is trying to create a good platform for students to learn and show their abilities, promote a communication of young scholars in the field of petroleum engineering. In this competition students should make some research or study as an innovation related to the development of petroleum.

4.2 Petro Bowl Competition

This competition is Interesting Petro Bowl for all SPE student chapter members actually. The questions will be simple and interesting. Through this competition, you will learn knowledge in a cheerful and relaxing environment!

4.3 Petroleum Engineering Design Competition

This is a new event for you. You should design an oil field development project according to the base oil field data by your team. Your team is limited to 5 persons. We have successfully held this event since 2011 in Beijing. 17 petroleum universities in China with over 500 groups and more than 2000 people have participated in the first conpetition, with a larger sum of particitators engaged in 2012. The contest had tremendously increased the students' passion to devote to academic research, and constituted a brand new way of education. (Details to be seen at the attached Introduction to the National Petroleum Engineering Design Competition)

4. Technical SPEaking

Technical SPEaking is one of the most featured activities in the Doctor Forum. We aimed at faciliating the academic exchange, broadening the research vision, stimulating the passion for innovation and building up the scientific concepts of the students. Many famous experts and many innovative opinions will come forth, and we would like to invite the leading experts in the field of petroleum to share their great and profound opinions. This event will be held on May 18th, 2014 for whole day long. At that time, we will give the floor to the experts. They will decide the forms of the lectures.

5. Intrinsic Motivation Workshop

The new work environment requires a great deal of self-management, initiative and commitment which depend on deeper passions and satisfactions than extrinsic rewards such as money, grades or promotions can offer. Intrinsic rewards (sense of meaningfulness, choice, competence and progress) come to people directly from the work they do - satisfaction like pride of workmanship or sense that they are doing something meaningful. People must learn to feel passion for their work and derive fulfillment from it, nevertheless this is certainly not rational and requires a new type of thinking. On this regard, Giovanni Paccaloni (2005 SPE President) will be hosting a Intrinsic Motivation Workshop that will provide you with new insights and tools to achieved the right level of motivation and engagement needed to achieve your goals in life.

6. Accommodations and Transportations

As the host of FPEC’2014, we will provide the free accommodations and transportations in Beijing during May 15th to 19th, 2014; however your flight fees are not included.

7. Registration

Please kindly note that the representatives of your chapter will be limited to 3-5 persons. All student participants must take part in at least one competition from Paper Contest, Petro Bowl Competition and Petroleum Engineering Design Competition. The registration fee will be 100 RMB for each SPE member representatives and 200 RMB for each non-SPE member. Please pay the fee when you check in.