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Yangchuan Ke

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Chemical Engineering and Technology

Research Areas

New Materials and Catalyst Engineering

Petroleum and Natural Gas Chemistry

Research Group Introduction

[1] Our group operates the CNPC Key Laboratory of Nanochemistry, mainly engaged in the research of nanomaterials, nanocomposites and the research and development of oil and gas energy drilling and production technology.

[2] PhD and Master students interested in the various research ares related to Nanotechnology, including interface science of nanocolloids and nanocomposites, electromagnetic effects, oil and gas drilling and production technology are welcome to apply.


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[2] J He;Y-C Ke Microstructure developments and anti-reflection properties of SiO2 films by liquid-phase deposition, Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing,2017.2.9,63(1):153~160

[3]Y-C Ke; P Stroeve, Polymer-layered silicate and silica nanocomposites,Elsevier,2005.1.1