Chinese Language

Chinese Language Center of CUP was established in 1997 and is mainly responsible for the teaching of Chinese to students in the Chinese language program, undergraduates, masters, PhDs, and short-term exchange students of the College of International Education. At present, there are 13 full-time and part-time teachers in the Chinese Language Center, over 10 professional language teachers granted the Certificate of Teaching Chinese Language by the Ministry of Education of China, 9 teachers who have studied and worked overseas for one year or more, and 15 teaching assistants (Master's Degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language).

Since its inception, the department is committed to the teaching and research of Chinese as a foreign language. In addition to improving students' daily Chinese applicability and in-depth knowledge of Chinese culture, it also teaches students HSK test-taking skills and improves their passing rate. According to the specific requirements of each major, the Department of Chinese Language has also set up different types of professional Chinese and scientific Chinese courses, so that students can master the challenging professional vocabulary as soon as possible, thus helping students carry on undergraduate professional learning with ease.

The Chinese Language Center is also responsible for organizing Chinese practice projects for foreign students and organizing and guiding foreign students to participate in various Chinese competitions. At present, the group has organized students to participate in a series of competitions such as the "Oriental Cup" Chinese Characters Calligraphy Competition for Foreigners, the "Chinese Star" Competition for Overseas Students in Beijing, and the "Chinese Bridge" Global Chinese Conference for Foreigners; organized and participated in internship activities such as Silk Road Youth Forum and social practice activities of "Feel China -- Green Energy Journey".