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Chunxia Wang

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College of New Energy and Materials


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Chemical Engineering and Technology

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New Energy Chemical Engineering

Research Group Introduction

[1] Dr. Chunxia Wang graduated from Tohoku University in Analytical Chemistry. She is currently a visiting scholar of Umass Amherst in the United States. Her main research fields are the application of new nanomaterials in the fields of biosensing and electrochemical analysis, and the desulfurization of nanomaterials.

[2] Currently, she is hosting a project of the China University of Petroleum Fund, participating in three projects of the National Science Foundation of China; one sub-project of the 973 project, and a project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. She has applied for 2 national invention patents and 1 utility model patent.

[3] She has published 21 papers in well-known journals in the field of chemistry, of which 20 are indexed by SCI. Instructed undergraduates on science and technology innovation projects, and won national, Beijing municipal, and China University of Petroleum (Beijing) university science and technology innovation projects.

[4] Students with a background in chemistry, chemical engineering, materials, etc. are welcome to join.

[5] I hope prospective applicants are active in thinking, hard working, have a clear plan for the future and love research.


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