Chemical Engineering and Technology(Chinese and English)

Hui Shang

Personal Profile

College of Chemical Engineering and Environment


Associate Professor

Chemical Engineering and Technology

Research Areas

Oil and Gas Processing Technology and Engineering

Research Group Introduction

Our research direction is microwave chemistry and clean oil production; the research group is mainly composed of a researcher, an associate professor, doctoral and master students. In recent years, he have undertaken three general projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Sinopec and other projects.


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[2] Sulfur vacancy formation at different MoS2 edges during hydrodesulfurization process: A DFT study, Chemical Engineering Science, 2019, 195: 208-217.

[3] Effect of microwave irradiation on the viscosity of crude oil: A view at the molecular level, Fuel Processing Technology, 2018, 170: 44-52.

[4] Microwave-assisted nickel and vanadium removal from crude oil, Fuel Processing Technology, 142 2016, 250-257.

[5] Effect of additives on the microwave-assisted pyrolysis of sawdust, Fuel Processing Technology, 2015, 131, 167-174.