Chemical Engineering and Technology(Chinese and English)

Bonan Liu

Personal Profile

College of Chemical Engineering and Environment


Associate professor

Chemical Engineering and Technology

Research Areas

C1 Chemistry, Catalyst Inactivation Regeneration, Industrial Catalyst Amplification, Cleaner Production Desulfurization Technology and Sulfur Resistance Technology


[1] Liu, B. et al. Microwaves effectively examine the extent and type of coking over acid zeolite catalysts. Nature Communications 8, 514, doi:10.1038/s41467-017-00602-8 (2017).

[2] Liu, B. et al. Methanol-to-hydrocarbons conversion over MoO3/H-ZSM-5 catalysts prepared via lower temperature calcination: a route to tailor the distribution and evolution of promoter Mo species, and their corresponding catalytic properties. Chemical Science 6, 5152-5163, doi:10.1039/C5SC01825K (2015).

[3] Liu, B. et al. Novel sour water gas shift catalyst (SWGS) for lean steam to gas ratio applications. Fuel Processing Technology 134, 65-72 (2015).

[4] Liu, B. et al. Effect of titania addition on the performance of CoMo/Al2O3 sour water gas shift catalysts under lean steam to gas ratio conditions. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 51, 11674-11680 (2012).

[5] Liu, B. et al. A research into the thermodynamics of methanol to hydrocarbon (MTH): conflictions between simulated product distribution and experimental results. Applied Petrochemical Research, 1-12 (2017).