Chemical Engineering and Technology(Chinese and English)

Hao Jiang

Personal Profile

College of New Energy and Materials


Associate researcher & Master Supervisor

Chemical Engineering and Technology

Research Areas

Anaerobic fermentation of biomass, purification and purification of biogas to produce bio-natural gas, biomethanation, methane oxidation

Research Projects

[1] National Natural Science Foundation of China Youth Project: Microbial Community Analysis and Mutual Camping Relationship in High-Medium Temperature Two-Phase Anaerobic Fermentation System (2015-2017), Principal Investigator

[2] Outstanding Young Teacher Research Project: Analysis of Key Microorganisms in Anaerobic Fermentation System of Organic Waste (2015-2017), Principal Investigator

[3] Beijing Municipal Education Commission jointly built the project: Membrane technology purification biogas production of bio-natural gas application research (2014-2015), the person in charge

[4] 863 Program Topic: Sludge Biomass Gas Purification Technology and Application (2012-2016), ranked 2nd


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[2] Jiang H, Li T, Stinner W, Nie H, Ding J, Zhou H. Selection of in-situ desulfurizers for chicken manure biogas and prediction of dosage. Polish Journal of Environmental Studies 2017; 26(1): 155-161.

[3] Jiang H, Duan C, Luo M, Xing X-H. Enrichment and characteristics of mixed methane-oxidizing bacteria from a Chinese coal mine. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 2016; 100(24): 10331-10341.

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[5] Jiang H, Zeng Y, Nie H, Li Y, Ding J, Zhou H. NaOH pretreatment of wheat straw at a mesophilic temperature: effect on hydrolysis and loss of organic carbon. Polish Journal of Environmental Studies 2016; 25(4): 1541-1548.

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