Industrial Economics(Chinese and English)

Yingdan Mei

Personal Profile

School of Economics and Management


Associate professor

Industrial Economics

may19880106@163. com

Research Areas

Environmental and Resource Economics, Applied Econometrics, Energy Economics, Climate Change, Forestry Economics, Ecological Economics


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[2] Yingdan Mei, Xiaoli Zhao, Lu Lin, Li Gao. 2018. “Capitalization of Urban Green Vegetation in a Housing Market with Poor Environmental Quality: Evidence from Beijing, China”. Journal of Urban Planning and Development, 144(3): 05018011. (SCI, Impact factor 1.455)

[3] Yingdan Mei, Diane Hite, Brent Sohngen. 2018. “Estimation of house price differential of urban tree cover: an application of sample selection approach”. Applied Economics, DOI: 10.1080/00036846.2017.1409419. (SSCI, Impact factor 0.648)

[4] Yingdan Mei, Brent Sohngen, Thomas Babb. 2018. “Valuing urban wetland quality with hedonic price model”. Ecological Indicators 84:535-545. (SCI, Impact factor 3.898)

[5] Yingdan Mei, Diane Hite, Brent Sohngen. 2017. “Demand for urban tree cover: A two-stage hedonic price analysis in California”. Forest Policy and Economics 83: 29-35 (SSCI, Impact factor 1.552)