Industrial Economics(Chinese and English)

Haitao Guo

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School of Economics and Management


Associate Professor

Industrial Economics

Research Areas

Industrial Economics
Energy Economy and Strategy

Research Projects

[1] China Petroleum Corporation Natural Science Research Project, Energy Consumption Revolution Research, 2018, Completed, Chair
[2] National Development and Reform Commission, Research on Social Risk Factors of Major Countries along the “Belt and Road”, 2018, Completed, Chair
[3] Research Project of Soft Science of China National Petroleum Corporation, International Oil and Gas Cooperation Strategy Research in New [4] Situation, 2016, Completion, Chair
Major project of National Soft Science Research Plan, the status of fossil energy in the world energy transition (2013GXS3B049), 2013, in research, main participants
[5] China National Petroleum Exploration and Development Corporation, Research on the Development Trend of International LNG Pricing Mechanism and Its Impact on the Development of China National Petroleum Overseas Natural Gas Business, 2013-2014, Completion, Chair
[6] Research Project of Soft Science of China National Petroleum Corporation, Analysis of Macroeconomic Environment at Home and Abroad (Annual Rolling), 2011-2014, Completion, Chair
[7] Major research project on philosophy and social science research of the Ministry of Education, research on China-global oil and gas resources key regional cooperation approaches (sub-project 3), 2011-2015, completed, Chair
[8] Sinopec Natural Gas Engineering Project Management Department, Sichuan Gas-to-East Gas Transmission Project Management Innovation Achievements Research Summary and National Management Innovation Achievement Award, 2011
[9] National Export-Import Bank of China, New Energy Industry Development and Policy Financial Support, 2011, Completed, Co-chair