Management Science and Engineering

Qianting Zhu

Personal Profile

School of Economics and Management


Associate Professor

Management Science and Engineering

Research Areas

Economic Modeling and Policy Simulation of Climate Change
a. Integrated assessment model of climate change economics
b. Assessment of climate policies such as carbon quotas, carbon trading and financing
System integration based on Agent-based Simulation (ABS)
a. ABS theory
b. System platform development of ABS in the field of geoeconomics

Research Projects

[1] 2019-2022, National Science Foundation of China (41871219): Classification mechanism and policy research of Chinese cities participating in national climate governance under the Paris Agreement-based on computable simulations, Sub-project chair
[2] 2016-2018, National Science Foundation of China (41501127): Achieving carbon commitments in 2030: Simulation of emission reduction path based on evolutionary economics, Chair
[3] 2013-2015, China University of Petroleum Introduced Talents Start-up Fund Project (YJRC-2013-23): Research on carbon trading integrated evaluation model based on agent modeling, Chair
[4] From 2012 to 2016, the National Major Basic Research and Development Program 973 project (2012CB955800) "Subject research and development of the complex mechanism of climate change economic processes, new integrated assessment model clusters and policy simulation platforms": international carbon trading, basic models of carbon financing mechanisms Other geopolitical economic structure, Chair
[5] 2015-2016, National Social Science Youth Fund (14CGJ025): Geopolitical and Economic Game Simulation and Strategy Study of China's Participation in Global Climate Change Negotiations, Sub-project chair


[1] Qianting zhu, wenwu tang. 2017. Regional-level Carbon Allocation in China Based on Sectoral Emission Patterns under the Peak Commitment. Sustainability, 9(4):552. (SCI/SSCI)
[2] Qianting Zhu, Jiqiang Wang. 2017. Insights on China’s Climate Change Policies. Geopolitics of Energy, 39(2):9-15.
[3] Qianting Zhu, Jing Wu, Keran Duan & Zheng Wang. 2016. Agent-based Modeling of Global Carbon Trading and Its Policy Implications for China in the post-Kyoto Era. Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, 52(06): 1348 – 1360. (SSCI)
[4] Wang Z, Wu J, Zhu Q T, et al. 2012. MRICES: A New Model for Emissions Mitigation Scheme Assessment and Its Application. Journal of Geographical Sciences,22(6) :1131-1148. (SCI)