Management Science and Engineering

Research Projects

[1] National Natural Science Foundation of China: Economic model of the impact of industrial layout on energy conservation under different levels of technological progress. Project number: 70773040, December 2007-December 2010, 200,000, person in charge.
[2] National Social Science Foundation: Research on the impact of economic globalization on China's energy consumption and energy conservation policies. Project number: 08BJL051, December 2008-December 2009, 100,000, person in charge.
[3] Humanities and Social Sciences Fund of the Ministry of Education: Research on the Relationship between my country’s International Trade Structure and Energy Consumption. Project Number: 07JA790070, December 2007-December 2009, 50,000, person in charge.
[4] Beijing Natural Science Foundation: Research on the relationship between energy consumption and economic structure under environmental constraints. Project number: 9072010, January 2007-September 2009, 70,000, person in charge.
[5] Project of State Grid Corporation: Research on power demand side management. Project number: SGZL[2004]159, May 2004-January 2005, 250,000, person in charge.
[6] Project of State Grid Corporation: Research on the effective demand of electricity under different electricity prices. Project number: SGZL[2004]1, May 2004-March 2005, 150,000, person in charge.
[7] The State Grid Corporation of China's subject: deepening research on the power market transaction mode. Project number: SGZL[2003]1, May 2003-May 2004, 50,000, person in charge.