Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering)

Shenglai Yang

Personal Profile

College of Petroleum Engineering



Oil-Gas Field Development Engineering

Research Areas

Theory and Application of Oil and Gas Flow Through Porous Media
Oil and Gas Field Development Theory and System Engineering

Research Projects

[1] National Natural Science Foundation of China, Research on vertical distribution law and seepage characteristics of rock properties in ultra-deep oil and gas reservoirs, principal investigator
2] National '973' Project, 'Basic Research on Carbon Dioxide Emission Reduction, Storage and Resource Utilization' Project No.: 2011CB707304, Sub-topic Leader
3] National Major Science and Technology Project, Efficient Development Technology of High Condensate Reservoir in Sudan 3/7 Zone, Sub-topic Leader
[4] National major science and technology project, improving the efficiency of heavy oil steam flooding technology, sub-topic leader
[5] CNOOC Research Institute, Research on Early Injection Wave and Law of Thick Oil Reservoirs in Offshore Oilfield, Principal Investigator
[6] China National Petroleum Corporation Science and Technology Research Institute, Research on seepage law and oil displacement mechanism of reservoirs in carbonate reservoirs in the Middle East, Principal Investigator

Research Group Introduction

Good foundation in mathematics, mechanics and physics, with a background in petroleum engineering


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[2]Yang S.L. Wu X..H., Wang Y. X., Yang X. Y., Chen H., Li L.C., Zhang X.. Lu H. Wax deposition in pores and the permeability changes for high-wax crude in a sandstone reservoir. Petroleum Science and technology 2013, 31(18): 1891-1898. (JCR四区,SCI检索号:000322308000010,EI检索号:20133316614778)
[3] Yang Shenglai, Sheng zhichao, Liu wenhui, Song zhixue, Wu ming, Zhang jianwei. Evaluation and Prevention of Formation Damage in Offshore Sandstone Reservoir in China,Petroleum Science, 2008.5(4):340-347
[4] Wang, Lu; Yang, Shenglai;Peng, Xian; Deng, Hui; Meng, Zhan; Qian, Kun ; Wang, Zhilin;Lei, Hao An improved visual investigation on gas-water flow characteristics and trapped gas formation mechanism of fracture-cavity carbonate gas reservoir JOURNAL OF NATURAL GAS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 2018 卷:49;页: 213-226 SCI
[5] Teng Wan1,2, Shenglai Yang1,2,*, Lu Wang1,2, and Liting Sun1,2,Experimental investigation of two-phase relative permeability of gas and water for tight gas carbonate under different test conditions,Oil & Gas Science and Technology - Rev. IFP Energies nouvelles 74, 23 (2019)