Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering)

Zhengfu Ning

Personal Profile

College of Petroleum Engineering


Professor & PhD Supervisor

Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering

Research Areas

Oil and gas seepage theory, unconventional oil and gas development

Research Projects

[1] National Natural Science Foundation of China, Research on the Adsorption Mechanism of Shale Gas Multi-Component Competition
[2] National Natural Science Foundation of China, Study on Reservoir Characteristics and Microscopic Seepage Law of Nano-Asian Micron Scale Of Tight Oil Based on Digital Core
[3] National Natural Science Foundation of China, Research on Adsorption and Desorption Mechanism of Shale Reservoirs, Principal Investigator
[4] China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation, Micro and Nano Pore Structure and Gas Content Evaluation of Marine Shale
[5] Major scientific and technological project of the Ministry of Education, research on the motivation and capacity prediction model of shale airflow, project leader
[6] State Key Laboratory Fund Project, Research on the Mechanism of Adsorption and Desorption of Shale Gas, Principal Investigator
[7] State Key Laboratory Fund, Study on Pore Structure Characteristics of Tight Oil Reservoirs


[1] L Huang , Z Ning , Q Wang , R Qi , Y Zeng Molecular simulation of adsorption behaviors of methane, carbon dioxide and their mixtures on kerogen: Effect of kerogen maturity and moisture content。《Fuel》 , 2018 , 211 :159-172 (二区)
[2] L Huang , Z Ning , Q Wang , W Zhang , Z Cheng Effect of organic type and moisture on CO 2 /CH 4 competitive adsorption in kerogen with implications for CO 2 sequestration and enhanced CH 4 recovery 《Applied Energy》 , 2018 , 210 :28-43 (一区)
[3] C Lyu , Z Ning , Q Wang , M Chen Application of NMR T2 to Pore Size Distribution and Movable Fluid Distribution in Tight Sandstones 《Energy & Fuels》 , 2018 , 32 (2) (二区)
[4] Y Zeng , Z Ning , Q Wang , H Sun , L Huang Gas transport in self-affine rough microchannels of shale gas reservoir 《Journal of Petroleum Science & Engineering》 , 2018 (四区)
[5] Y Zeng , Q Wang , Z Ning , H Sun A Mathematical Pressure Transient Analysis Model for Multiple Fractured Horizontal Wells in Shale Gas Reservoirs 《Geofluids》 , 2018 , 2018 (11) :1-16 (三区)
[6] R Qi , Z Ning , Q Wang , Y Zeng , L Huang Sorption of Methane, Carbon Dioxide, and Their Mixtures on Shales from Sichuan Basin, China, 《Energy & Fuels》 , 2018 (二区)
[7] QI Rongrong , ZF Ning , Q Wang , S Zhang , Y Zeng ,Sorption measurements of moisture-equilibrated shale with the consideration of water vapor pressure 《Scientia Sinica》 , 2018