Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering)

Linsong Chen

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College of Petroleum Engineering



Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering

Research Areas

Oil and gas seepage theory and application, oil and gas field development theory and system engineering

Introduction of Teacher

Research Projects

[1] National Natural Science Foundation of China - Joint Fund of Petrochemical Industry - Key Support Project, Key Science of Seepage Law and Efficient Development of Ultra-low Permeability Reservoir, Project Leader
[2] National Natural Science Foundation of China- Surface Project, Research on dynamic characteristics and osmosis law of oil-water-rock interface in ultra-low permeability/tight reservoirs, principal investigator
[3] National Major Oil and Gas Project, Demonstration Project for Tight Oil Development in Ordos Basin, sub-project leader
[4] National oil and gas major project, offshore heavy oil efficient development of new technologies, sub-project leader
[5] Project commissioned by oilfield enterprises, research on key development technologies of Enping 15-1 oilfield, project leader
[6] Entrusted by oilfield enterprises, Research on Enhanced Oil Recovery Technology of Marine Strong Water Flooded Heavy Oil Reservoir in Panyu 4-2 Oilfield, Project Leader
[7] Oilfield enterprise entrusted the project, ultra-low permeability reservoir horizontal well development law and stable production countermeasures research, project leader


[1] Assessment of energy efficiency and solvent retention inside steam chamber of steam-and solvent-assisted gravity drainage process. Applied Energy, 2018
[2] Environmental and economic benefits of Solvent-Assisted Steam-Gravity Drainage for bitumen through horizontal well: A comprehensive modeling analysis. Energy, 2018
[3] Performance of Solvent-Assisted Thermal Drainage process and its relationship to injection parameters: A comprehensive modeling. Fuel, 2018
[4] A novel Green element method based on two sets of nodes. Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements, 2018
[5] A Laplace-Domain Hybrid Model for Representing Flow Behavior of Multifractured Horizontal Wells Communicating Through Secondary Fractures in Unconventional Reservoirs. SPE Journal, 2017
[6] Experimental study of nonlinear flow in micropores under low pressure gradient . Transport in Porous Media, 2017
[7] A hybrid semi-analytical model for production from heterogeneous tight oil reservoirs with fractured horizontal well. Journal of Petroleum Science & Engineering, 2017
[8] Pressure-Transient Analysis of a Finite-Conductivity Inclined Fracture Connected to a Slanted Wellbore. SPE Journal, 2016
[9] A practical method for production data analysis from multistage fractured horizontal wells in shale gas reservoirs. Fuel, 2016