Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering)

Hanqiao Jiang

Personal Profile

College of Petroleum Engineering


Professor & Phd supervisor

Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering

Research Areas

Oil and gas field development theory and system engineering, oil and gas seepage theory and application

Research Projects

[1] National Key Basic Research and Development Program 973 Project, Basic Research on Efficient Development of Land-phase Tight Oil, Project Leader
[2] 973 Project, Research on the Theory and Method of Reservoir Engineering for Efficient Development of Tight Oil, Principal Investigator
[3] 973 Project, Simulation of Shale Gas Single Well Coupled Mass Transfer Single Well, Thematic Leader
[4] The 13th Five-Year Plan National Major Special Project, research on the mechanism and technical policy boundary of air flooding auxiliary water flooding, the person in charge of the sub-project
[5] International collaborative project, Simulation of polymer injection for offshore use, Statoil ASA, Principal Investigator
[6] Petro China Tarim Oilfield Science and Technology Project, Research on Technical Countermeasures for Improving Recovery in Carboniferous Marine Clastic Reservoirs in Tarim Basin, Principal Investigator


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