Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering)

Haiyang Yu

Personal Profile

College of Petroleum Engineering


Associate Professor

Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering

Research Areas

Theory and Application of Oil and Gas Flow Through Porous Media
Enhanced Oil Recovery and Oil Production Chemistry
Theory and Technology of Unconventional Oil and Gas Production

Research Projects

The team's main research areas are low permeability, tight, shale oil and gas reservoir development and enhanced oil recovery. Enrollment requirements:
Bachelor degree in petroleum engineering ;
Good attitude towards study and research.


[1] Feasibility study of improved unconventional reservoir performance with carbonated water and surfactant. Energy, 182 (2019) 135-147.
[2] Application of cumulative-in-situ-injection-production technology to supplement hydrocarbon recovery among fractured tight oil reservoirs: A case study in Changqing Oilfield, China. FUEL, 242 (2019) 804-818.
[3] Simulation study of allied in-situ injection and production for enhancing shale oil recovery and CO2 emission control. Energies, 2019, 12, 3961; doi:10.3390/en12203961
[4] A compositional model for CO2 flooding including CO2 equilibria between water and oil using the Peng-Robinson equation of state with the Wong-Sandler mixing rule. Petroleum Science, (2019) 16: 874-889.