Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering)

Yongchao Xue

Personal Profile

College of Petroleum Engineering


Associate Professor& Master Supervisor

Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering

Research Areas

Reservoir Development Theory and Systems Engineering

Research Projects

[1] National Natural Science Foundation of China, Research on Holographic Characterization Method of Nanopore Micro-fracture Coupling System in Shale Reservoirs, Principal Investigator
[2] Oil and gas major special project, low pressure to maintain a weak volatile carbonate reservoir water injection development technology policy optimization, person in charge
[3] Oil and gas major special project, research on the evaluation method of cold production reservoir engineering in horizontal wells of super heavy oil reservoirs, person in charge
[4] PetroChina Changqing Oilfield Branch, Dong Zhichang 8 Reservoir Secondary Interpretation and Single Sand Body Depiction, Person in Charge
[5] School-level teaching reform, teaching reform of "Reservoir Engineering" for geological engineering majors, person in charge


[1] Probabilistic performance Forecasting in History Matching of Low Permeability Reservoirs. SPE-188100-MS, 2017
[2] A comprehensive model combiningLaplace-transform finite-difference and boundary-element method for the folw behavior of a two-zone system with discrete fracture network,Jornal of Hydrology,2017
[3] Two Productivity Models for Fractured Horizontal Wells in Different Shale Gas Reservoirs.China Shale Gas,2015
[4] A new fracture prediction method by combining genetic algorithm with neural network in Low Permeability Reservoirs,J. Petrol. Sci. Eng. ,2014.
[5] The Influence of Interlayer of Bottom Water Reservoirs During Development Stage,Petroleum Science and Technology,2013
[6] Reservoir Modeling and Numerical Simulation Controlled by Flow Units,Advanced Materials Research, 2013