Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering)

Research Areas

Multiphase flow in porous media
Reservoir wettability
Capillary pressure
Interfacial phenomena

Research Funding

Study on mechanisms of nano-polymer spheres assisted low-salinity waterflooding in low-permeability reservoirs, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), PI: 100% credit, 280,000 RMB total; 2019-2021 (active)

Research Summaries

Stochastic and Analytical Modeling of Fines Migration in Porous Media (2012-2017)
Stochastic and analytical models were derived accounting for variant phenomena, including the slow drift of mobilized fines along rock surface, non-equilibrium effect of fines release, movement of the flooding front during low salinity water floods, and simultaneous process of deep bed filtration and cake building-up. The influence of salinity and temperature on fines mobilization was also analyzed systematically.
Bilayer-Coating Microspheres for In-Depth Conformance Control (2017-2019)
Microparticles covered with double-layered coatings were developed for in-depth conformance control to enhance oil recovery within heterogeneous reservoirs. The synthesized bilayer-coating microspheres (BCMS) can transport deeply into a porous media, owing to the rigid outer layer designed for protecting the adhesive inner coating. A mathematical model for the deep-bed filtration of BCMS in porous media was developed, accounting for the limited retention concentration and the velocity difference between the suspended particles and the carrier fluid. BCMS shows promising potential for application in production enhancement in hydrocarbon reservoirs.
A New Standard for Shale Classification (2020-2021)
The finite element method was utilized to calculate the effective moduli and stiffness of the image-based stochastic shale samples. We aim at defining a new standard of classification for shale accounting for mineral components based on the relationship between the obtained mechanical properties and fracture toughness.


Doctoral Research Medal, University of Adelaide, 2017

Research Group Introduction

My research interests include multi-phase multi-component flow in porous media, interfacial phenomena, reservoir wettability, etc.

Enrollment Requirements

Candidates holding a Bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering, applied mathematics, applied statistics, surface physicochemistry, and fluid mechanics are warmly encouraged to contact me.


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