Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering)

Yiqiang Li

Personal Profile

College of Petroleum Engineering


Researcher & PHD Supervisor

Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering


Research Areas

1. Theory and application of chemical flooding to improve recovery in high water-bearing reservoirs 2. Efficient development of complex oil and gas reservoirs and enhanced oil recovery technology

Research Projects

[1] 13th Five-Year Plan National Science and Technology Major Project: New Technology for Enhancing Oil Recovery in High-Water-bearing Oilfields- Identification and Characterization of Advantageous Permeability Channels and Control of Ineffective Circulation Technologies-Research on Microscopic Seepage Law in Late Stage of High Water Content, Sub-project Leader;
[2] 13th Five-Year National Science and Technology Major Project: New Technology for Efficient Development of Offshore Heavy Oil Oil - Chemical Oil Flooding Technology in Offshore Oilfield - Research on Microscopic Heterogeneous Phase Flooding Technology in Offshore Oilfield, Sub-project Leader;
[3] 12th Five-Year Plan National Science and Technology Major Project: Research on Elastic Displacement Boundary of Low Permeability Oilfield and Optimization and Adjustment Technology of Well Network in Late Development Stage, Sub-project Leader;
[4] National Science and Technology Support Program: Research on CO2 Geological Storage and Oil Flooding Safety Monitoring Technology, Project Leader;
[5] National Natural Science Foundation of China: Micro residual oil storage status and formation mechanism of ternary composite flooding, person in charge;
[6] National Natural Science Foundation of China: Research on residual oil distribution and initiation mechanism of binary composite flooding after poly-flooding, person in charge;
[7] Research on foam flooding mechanism of positive rhythm reservoir, Sinopec Project, Person in Charge;
[8] Research on oil flooding mechanism and reservoir engineering of air/nitrogen foam in low-permeability reservoirs, PETROChina Project, Person in Charge;
[9] Experimental study on physical simulation of air foam flooding in Gangdong Oilfield, PetroChina Project, Person in Charge;
[10] Research on pore structure and seepage mechanism of carbonate reservoir in Iran, Sinopec Project, Person in Charge;


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