Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (Oil and Gas Well Drilling Engineering)

Yan Ye

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College of Petroleum Engineering


Oil and Gas Well Drilling Engineering

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Oil and Gas Well Chemistry and Engineering

Research Group Introduction

Our team is dedicated to the research of working fluids in high-temperature and high-pressure complex structural wells, research on reservoir damage in ultra-deep tight fractured gas reservoirs, and the research on resource utilization of oil and gas field operating waste.
Students who are interested in new materials and new process oilfield chemistry are welcome to join


[1] Ye Yan, An Wenhua,etal,Drilling Fluid Challenge during the Ultra-deep HT/HP/HS Drilling in the Mountainous Area, Tarim Basin,SPE113533,2010
[2] Ye Yan, Yan Jienian etal. A new laboratory method for evaluating formation damage in fractured carbonate reservoirs. Petroleum Science [J]. 2008,( 5) 1:45-51