Ph.D. Programs

Energy Physics Science and Technology

Program Introduction

Energy physics is an interdisciplinary field between physics and energy science and technology. The connotation of this discipline is to use physics methods to study the universal laws and basic characteristics of energy related phenomena, and apply the latest achievements of physics to the utilization of energy. This discipline will focus on the basic physical problems in energy science and technology from the perspective of interdisciplinary, coupling, and infiltration, and reveal the general physical laws in the process of energy utilization.

Program Overview

Core Courses:Energy Physics, Introduction to Geophysics, Fields and Waves, Advanced Quantum Mechanics, Computational Physics, Progress in Oil and Gas Well Engineering Technology, Molecular Design and Material Preparation, etc.

Teaching Languages:Chinese

Tuition:36000 RMB/Year

Course Start Date:September

Course Duration:Four Years

Application Deadline:May 30th

Research Areas

Analysis methods and detection techniques for underground physical fields
Coupling theory and technology of multiple physical fields in oil and gas reservoirs
Condensed matter physics and nano energy materials


Application Requirements:
 1. Not a citizen of The Peoples Republic of China, in good health and No Criminal Record.
 2. GPA≧3.0/5.0
 3. Chinese taught programs: HSK 5 (180 or above)

Application Materials:
 1. Scanned copies of all China visa pages and China entry and exit record pages
 2. Notarized copies of your Highest level Degree certificates and transcripts
3. Soft copy of passport photo with white background, photo size 480x720, JPG format  
4. Non criminal record
 5. Physical Examination Form (With all laboratory and X-ray reports) taken not more than six months prior to admission
 6. Study plan (Proposal) &CV
 7. 2 Recommendation letters  (From an associate professor and above, Or Senior Professional in your field of study for postgraduate students)
 8. Acceptance letter from your supervisor
 9. HSK