Chemical Engineering and Technology

Yufei Wang

Personal Profile

College of Chemical Engineering and Environment


Associate Professor

Chemical Engineering and Technology

Research Areas

Oil and Gas Processing Technology and Engineering

Research Group Introduction

[1] Dr. Yufei Wang, Associate Professor at the School of Chemical Engineering, China University of Petroleum (Beijing).

[2] Dr. Yufei Wang is an expert of Energy System and Process integration. He serves as Editorial Board of three Chinese Journals, and Guest Editors of several international Journals.

[3] His Research interests focus on Energy system synthesis, energy-water nexus, chemical industry layout design, modeling and optimization.

[4] Recently for his excellent performances in academics, he received 2nd Prize of Nature & Science Reward from Chinese Ministry of Education. He has also authored or co-authored mor
e than 50 papers in the leading refereed journal.
[5] The research group is interested in students who is good at both chemical engineering and mathematical coding.


[1] Jiaze Ma, Yufei Wang, * Xiao Feng, Optimization of multi-plants cooling water system, Energy, 150, 797-815, 2018.

[2] Yan Wu, Ruiqi Wang, Yufei Wang∗, Xiao Feng, An area-wide layout design method considering piecewise steam piping and energy loss, Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 138, 405-417, 2018

[3] Mengying Wang, Yufei Wang,*Xiao Feng, Chun Deng, and Xingying Lan, Energy Performance Comparison between Power and Absorption Refrigeration Cycles for Low Grade Waste Heat Recovery, ACS sustainable chemistry & Engineering, 6, 4614-4624, 2018

[4] Chenglin Chang, Xiaolu Chen, Yufei Wang*, Xiao Feng, Simultaneous optimization of multi-plant heat integration using intermediate fluid circles, Energy 121, 306–317, 2017