Chemical Engineering and Technology

Hui Shang

Personal Profile

College of Chemical Engineering and Environment


Associate Professor

Chemical Engineering and Technology

Research Areas

[1] Oil and gas processing technology and engineering

Research Group Introduction

Our research direction is microwave chemistry and clean oil production; the research group is mainly composed of a researcher, an associate professor, doctoral and master students. In recent years, he have undertaken three general projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Sinopec and other projects.


[1] Experimental and theoretical study of microwave enhanced catalytic hydrodesulfurization of thiophene in a continuous-flow reactor,Front.Chem. Sci.Eng.,2019,1-15.

[2] Sulfur vacancy formation at different MoS2 edges during hydrodesulfurization process: A DFT study, Chemical Engineering Science, 2019, 195: 208-217.

[3] Effect of microwave irradiation on the viscosity of crude oil: A view at the molecular level, Fuel Processing Technology, 2018, 170: 44-52.

[4] Microwave-assisted nickel and vanadium removal from crude oil, Fuel Processing Technology, 142 2016, 250-257.

[5] Effect of additives on the microwave-assisted pyrolysis of sawdust, Fuel Processing Technology, 2015, 131, 167-174.