Chemical Engineering and Technology

Jie Ma

Personal Profile

College of Chemical Engineering and Environment


Associate Professor

Chemical Engineering and Technology

Research Areas

[1] Biological and environmental chemistry


[1] [1] Numerical model investigation for methane explosion and benzene vapor intrusion potential associated with ethanol-blended fuel releases. Environmental Science & Technology 48(1): 474-481.

[2] Methane bioattenuation and implications for explosion risk reduction along the groundwater to soil surface pathway above plume of dissolved ethanol. Environmental Science & Technology 46(11): 6013-6019

[3] Groundwater ecosystem resilience to organic contaminations: microbial and geochemical dynamics throughout the 5-year life cycle of a surrogate ethanol blend fuel plume. Water Research 80: 119-129.

[4] Increased fermentation activity and persistent methanogenesis in a model aquifer system following source removal of an ethanol blend release. Water Research 68: 479-486.

[5] Effects of adding bulking agent, inorganic nutrient and microbial inocula on biopile treatment for oil-field drilling waste. Chemosphere 150: 17-23.