Control Science and Engineering

Yaru Xue

Personal Profile

College of Information Science and Engineering


Associate Professor

Information and Communication Engineering

Research Areas

Intelligent Information Processing

Research Group Introduction

This team focuses on sparse representations of signals. Students are expected to have a solid foundation in mathematics and signal processing.


1.Xue yaru, Jitao Ma, Xiaohong ,Chen. High-order sparse Radon transform for AVO-preserving data reconstruction. GEOPHYSICS 79, 2(2014), V13-V22

2.Yaru Xue, Fanglan Chang, Dong Zhang, Yangkang Chen. Simultaneous source separation via an iterative rank-increasing method. IEEE Geosciences and remote sending letters, Dec.2016,13(12) :1915-1919

3.YaruXue MeixiMan ShaohuanZu FanglanChang YangkangChen Amplitude-preserving iterative deblending of simultaneous source seismic data using high-order Radon transform. 2017, Journal of applied geophysics,139, April, 79-90