Fusheng Yu

Personal Profile

College of Geosciences



Research Areas

[1] Structural Geology

[2] Basin tectonic analysis and 3D tectonic modeling

[3] Structural physical simulation, numerical simulation

Research Projects

[1] PetroChina Hangzhou Institute of Geology, 2014 training course, 35 people;

[2] Development Department, Daqing Oilfield Company, PetroChina, 2015 Reservoir Description Training Course, 45 people;

[3] Western Research Institute of Sinopec Shengli Oilfield Company, 2015 Hassan Project Training, 8 people;

[4] Exploration and Development Research Institute of CNOOC Tianjin Oilfield Company, 2016, 60 people;

[5] PetroChina North China Oilfield Carbonate Sedimentary Reservoir Research Training Course, May 2018, 60 people;

[6] PetroChina Dagang Oilfield Field Research Training Course, July 2018, 70 participants;

[7] China National Petroleum Corporation Expert Class, December 2018, 60 people;

[8] PetroChina North China Oilfield oil-rich sag lithologic reservoir exploration technology seminar training course, September 2018, 105 people.


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