Youliang Ji

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Sequence stratigraphy

Reservoir geology

Research Group Introduction

National "973" project second-level project "Sequence stratigraphic analysis and tectonic paleogeography and lithofacies palaeogeography reconstruction of typical basins in China", Provincial Natural Science Foundation project "Sequence stratigraphy of continental faulted basins"

SINOPEC Project "Sequence Stratigraphy and Lithofacies and Paleogeography Mapping in Jiangsu / Anhui Region", "High-Precision Sequence Stratigraphy and Evaluation of Favorable Exploration Targets of the Third Member of Shahejie Formation in Dongpu Depression"

PetroChina Group Project "Research on Cenozoic Deep Lithofacies Palaeogeography in Bohai Bay Basin", "Study on Sedimentary, Reservoir and Caprock of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau"

National "Ninth Five-Year Plan" Scientific and Technological Project "Research on Tarim Basin's Major Unconformity and Formation Erosion"

Dozens of scientific research projects including the third-level project of the National “Tenth Five-Year Plan” scientific and technological research project “High-precision sequence stratigraphic framework in key areas of Jiyang Depression”, “High-precision sequence stratigraphic framework and hidden trap prediction in Qikou Depression” .


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