Hengmao Tong

Personal Profile

College of Geosciences




Research Areas

Mainly engaged in basin tectonic analysis, reservoir tectonic fractures, geomechanics research and teaching work in "geotectonics" and "basin analysis"

Research Projects

[1] Research on risk assessment and prevention technology of horizontal well casing loss in unconventional reservoirs, June 2021-December 2022, PetroChina Daqing Oilfield Company, Science and Technology Project,
Project Leader
[2] Current in-situ stress field research in Weiyuan area, March 2022-August 2023, PetroChina Oil Service Setover Research Science and Technology Special Project, Project Leader

[3] Fine Structural Interpretation and Fracture Prediction Study of Qigu Formation in Yongjin Area, March 2022-June 2023, Science and Technology Research Project of Northwest Oilfield Branch of Sinopec,
Project Leader
[4] Weiyuan shale gas fracture shear activity prediction theory and quantitative evaluation of arbitrage, January 2019-June 2021, PetroChina Oil and Gas Major Special Task, Project Leader
[5] Prediction method and arbitrage risk evaluation of fault-fracture shear activity of shale gas development in Wei-204 well area, January 2019-December 2019, Special Project of PetroChina Oil Service Arbitrage Research Science and Technology,
Project Leader
[6] Tahe Oilfield Tofu Taipei Fracture Reservoir Collective Grading Characterization and Effective Void Ratio Test, June 2021-December 2022, Science and Technology Research Project of Sinopec Northwest Oilfield Company,
Project Leader
[7] Genesis mechanism and numerical simulation test analysis of X-type conjugate fault system in Tabei, June 2020-June 2021, Science and Technology Research Project of Northwest Oilfield Branch of Sinopec,
project leader
[8] Research on the tectonic evolution of Yingqiong Basin and its control effect on hydrocarbon formation and circle formation (2016ZX05024-005-004), January 2016-December 2020, responsible person of the national oil and gas major special task.

[9] Study on the formation and evolution of faults in fracture basins under multiple pre-existing tectonic conditions: A case study of the western Liaohe depression. National Natural Science Foundation of China. 2013-2016, project approval number: 41272160, person in charge.

[10] Tectonic evolution history and fracture development distribution, No.: (2011ZX05006-006-02-01) Sub-project of the National Oil and Gas Major Special Project "Research on Oil and Gas Enrichment Law and Prediction of Favorable Tibetan Zone in Nanpu Sag"


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[2] Tong H, Zhang P, Zhang Hongxiang, Liu Ziping, Ren Xiaohai, Xiao Kunze, Zhou Bo, Deng Cai, 2021. Geomechanical mechanism of casing deformation of shale gas horizontal well development and its prevention and control countermeasures. Natural Gas Industry, 41(1): 189-197

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[6] Tong Hengmao, Gong Faxiong, Meng Lingjian, Zhao Baoyin. Fault evolution of the northern boundary of the Nanbao Sag in the Bohai Bay Basin and its petroleum geological significance. Frontiers of Earth Science,2017,7(2),276-287.]

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