Zhihuan Zhang

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College of Geosciences





Research Areas

Mainly engaged in the research and teaching of organic geochemistry


[1] Zhihuan Zhang, Houfu Zhang, Xianzhi Gao, 1994, Effect of clay minerals on pyrolysis hydrocarbon generation process of kerogen, Petroleum Exploration and Development, 21(5): 29-37.

[2] Zhihuan Zhang, Xianzhi Gao, Chaoliang Fang, 1995, Effect of clay minerals on pyrolysis products of kerogen and its mechanism, Journal of the University of Petroleum, 19(5): 11-17.

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[5] Fang Chaoliang, Zhang Zhihuan, Pan Jiping, Wang Jingfu, 1997, Formation conditions and oil and gas distribution law of coal-based formation reservoirs in Tuha Basin, see: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Hydrocarbon Accumulation Mechanism and Evaluation of Petroleum Resources, Petroleum Industry Press, pp. 269-275.