Feiyu Wang

Personal Profile

College of Geosciences




Research Areas

Oil and gas formation and distribution, oil and gas system analysis technology and industrial applications, fluid inclusions

Research Projects

[1] Distribution of Paleozoic effective oil-generating rocks and hydrocarbon generation potential evaluation in wood basin (96-111-01-03-02), 1996-1999

[2] Research on oil-producing rocks and oil sources in the Tarim Basin (96-111-01-03), 1996-1999, third person in charge

[3] Distribution of Paleozoic effective oil-generating rocks and hydrocarbon generation potential evaluation in Tarim Basin (96-111-01-03-02), 1996-1998

[4] Tarim Basin Oil and Gas Reservoir Formation Period and Reservoir Formation History (96-111-01-03-05), second person in charge

[5] Oil source area in Tarim Basin and its evolution in geological history (96-111-01-03 Supplement 2)

[6] Geochemical characteristics and evaluation of Jurassic source rocks in Tarim Basin Basin (96-111-01-03 Supplement 1), each two person in charge

[7] Formation of multi-energy minerals-enrichment environment and accumulation (mineral) mechanism (2003CB214603), 2013-2015

[8] Quantitative analysis and gas supply characteristics of gas source stoves in typical gas-bearing basins (2008ZX05007-001), Formation conditions, enrichment law and target evaluation of large-scale gas fields in China-Evaluation of gas source conditions, gas generation mechanism and resource potential of large-scale gas field formation (2008-2010)

[9] Quantitative evaluation and gas supply characteristics of gas source foci in typical gas-bearing basins (2012CB214705-04), 2012-2015


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