Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering(Oil-Gas Well Drilling Engineering)

Jingen Deng

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College of Petroleum Engineering



Oil and Gas Well Drilling Engineering

Research Areas

Oil and Gas Well Rock Mechanics and Engineering

Research Group Introduction

The team has been engaged in the study on the mechanism, design and tools related to formation failure and deformation in the petroleum engineering field


1.Numerical simulation of the crack and fracture propagation law of loose sandstone reservoir hydraulic fracturing. Rock and Soil Mechanics, in Jan 2002.

2.Permeable strata borehole wall collapse pressure and fracture pressure calculation model. Journal of rock mechanics and engineering, in Jun 2002.

3.The new measurement method of absorbing water diffusion coefficient of the shale. Rock and Soil Mechanics, in Oct 2002.

4.Mud shale wall stress mechanics chemical coupling calculation model and numerical method. Journal of rock mechanics and engineering, in July 2003.

5.Simulation experiment research on directional perforation to improve the efficiency of the hydraulic fracturing of low permeability oilfield. Petroleum Drilling Techniques, in Oct 2003.

6.The south China sea west river big displacement well sidewall stability evaluation research. Oil Drilling & Production Technology, in Dec 2003.

7.Oriented perforating technology application in moderate sand production management. Drilling & Production Technology, in Feb 2005.

8.Indoor simulation experimental research on sand production of the Bohai sea heavy oil reservoir. Acta Petrolei Sinica, in July 2005.