Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering(Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering)

Junjian Li

Personal Profile

College of Petroleum Engineering



Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering

Research Areas

Microscopic seepage mechanics, comprehensive treatment of high water-cut oilfields, fracture simulation and inversion

Research Projects

[1] National Natural Science Foundation of China: Research on the mechanism of water plugging and plugging of horizontal wells in complex fractured submerged mountain

[2] National Natural Science Foundation of China: Single well throughput mechanism and seam network identification method of tracer for multi-stage fracturing horizontal

[3] PetroChina Innovation Fund: Adaptive dynamic control mechanism for spatial distribution of water plugging agents in multi-stage fracturing horizontal

[4] Project 973 Topic: Multi-scale coupled single well simulation of tight oil

[5] Top Talent Start-up Fund: Numerical Simulation Method for Discrete Media in Complex Fractured Web Gas

[6] International cooperation project: Statoil & CUPBProjectAgreementNo.4502OfPolymerFlooding


[1] Li Junjian*; Liu Yang; Gao Yajun; Cheng Baoyang; Meng Fanle; Xu Huaimin; Effects of microscopic pore structure heterogeneity on the distribution and

[2] Li Junjian; Gao Yajun*; Jiang Hanqiao; Liu Yang; Dong Hu; Pore-ScaleImaging of the Oil Cluster Dynamic during Drainage and Imbibition Using In SituX-Ray Microtomography, Geofluids, 2018, 2018. (Journal Article)

[3] Li, Junjian*; Wang, Ze*; Yang, Hanxu; Yang, Hai'en; Wu, Tianjiang; Wu,Hao; Wang, Hao; Yu, Fuwei*; Jiang, Hanqiao; Compatibility evaluation of
in-depth profile control agents in dominant channels of low-permeability reservoirs , Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 2020, 194:0-107529. (Journal Article)

[4] Li Junjian*; Jiang Hanqiao; Jiang,LL; Liu,TJ; A Mathematical Model and Solution for Mass Transfer and Diffusion After a Polymer Flood with Flow
Channel, Petroleum Science and Technology, 2012, 30(8): 739-750. (Journal Article)

[5] Li Junjian; A High Temperature and High Pressure Visualization Micro Reservoir Chip Holder and Its Application, 2020-6-30, China, ZL 2017 1 0717986.8. (Patent)

[6] Li Junjian; Microscopic Physical Simulation Experimental Device and Method for Water Flooding Oil, 2020-2-21, China, ZL201710718290.7. (Patent)

[7] Li Junjian; Core Sheet Model for Oil Displacement Research and Its Production Method, 2018-8-17, China, ZL201610192978.1. (Patent)

[8] Li Junjian; A Core Gripper for CT Scanning,2017-10-17, China, ZL2017200148947.6. (Patent)

[9] Li Junjian; Device and Method for Measuring Performance Parameters of Bitumen Particle Profile, 2015-11-25, China, ZL201310633036.9. (Patent)

[10] Li Junjian (1/1); 2020 China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation Award, China Association for the Promotion of Industry-University-Research Cooperation, 2021. (Research Awards)