Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering(Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering)

Haiyang Yu

Personal Profile

College of Petroleum Engineering


Associate Professor

Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering

Research Areas

Theory and Application of Oil and Gas Flow Through Porous Media

Enhanced Oil Recovery and Oil Production Chemistry

Theory and Technology of Unconventional Oil and Gas Production

Research Projects

[1] National Talent Support Project of the Central Organization Department, Unconventional Oil and Gas Seepage and Enhanced Oil Recovery, 2021

[2] National Natural Science Foundation of China-General Project, Microscale Effect and Oil Enhancement Mechanism of Two-Phase Seepage in Shale Oil Injection Natural Gas Development, 2021.01-2024.12

[3] National Natural Science Foundation of China-General Project, Research on Enhanced Recovery Mechanism of Carbonized Water Flooding in Tight Oil Reservoir, 2019.01-2022.12

[4] National Natural Science Foundation of China-Petrochemical Joint Fund, Study on the Mechanism of Injection and Production between Well and Well in Tight Oil Reservoir, 2018.01-2020.12

[5] National Natural Science Foundation of China-Youth Fund, Research on the transport mechanism of supermagnetic nanoparticles in oil-containing porous media, 2014.01-2016.12

[6] '13th Five-Year Plan' National Science and Technology Major Special Sub-project, Research on Carbonized Water + Surfactant Flooding Oil Recovery Technology in Tight Oil Reservoirs, 2017.01-2020.06

[7] '13th Five-Year Plan' National Science and Technology Major Special Project, Research on Reservoir Engineering Methods of Sectional Fracturing Horizontal Wells, 2017.01-2020.12

[8] Sub-project of the National Key R&D Program, Research on Energy Management Performance Parameter Index System and Performance Improvement Pathways of Enterprises in Typical Industries, 2016.07-2018.12

[9] State Key Laboratory of Shale Oil and Gas Enrichment Mechanism and Effective Development, Research on CO2 Throughput and Production Technology of Shale Oil, 2018.08-2019.07

[10] Horizontal Project of Sinopec Engineering Institute, Experimental study on the dissolution kinetics and stability of carbon dioxide microbubbles in the process of oil displacement-storage, 2021.9-2022.8

Research Group Introduction

The team's main research areas are low permeability, tight, shale oil and gas reservoir development and enhanced oil recovery.

Enrollment requirements:

Bachelor degree in petroleum engineering;

Good attitude towards study and research.


[1] Numerical study on natural gas injection with allied in-situ injection and production for improving shale oil recovery. Fuel, 2022.

[2] Experimental investigation on plugging performance of nanospheres in low-permeability reservoir with bottom water. Advances in Geo-Energy Research, 2022.

[3] Extraction of shale oil with supercritical CO2: Effects of number of fractures and injection pressure. Fuel, 2021.

[4] Experimental study on EOR performance of CO2-based flooding methods on tight oil. Fuel, 2021.

[5] Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Multiscale Fractures and Multiphase Flow in Heterogeneous Unconventional Reservoirs with Coupled Fractal Characteristics. Geofluids, 2021.

[6] Determination of minimum near miscible pressure region during CO2 and associated gas injection for tight oil reservoir in Ordos Basin, China. Fuel, 2020.

[7] Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Oil and Gas Development. Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering, 2020.

[8] Semi-analytical Modelling of Water Injector Test with Fractured Channel in Tight Oil Reservoir. Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, 2020.

[9] Feasibility Study of Improved Unconventional Reservoir Performance with Carbonated Water and Surfactant. Energy, 2019.

[10] Application of Cumulative-in-situ-injection-production Technology to Supplement Hydrocarbon Recovery Among Fractured Tight Oil Reservoirs: A Case Study in Changqing Oilfield, China. Fuel, 2019.