Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering(Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering)

Jing Wang

Personal Profile

College of Petroleum Engineering


Associate Professor

Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering    

Research Areas

Oil and gas seepage theory and enhanced oil recovery technology in complex oil and gas reservoirs


[1] National Natural Science Foundation of China: Intensive drainage mechanism and numerical simulation of high-pressure stewing after tight oil volume fracturing, project leader.

[2] National Natural Science Foundation of China: Multi-scale multiphase mass transfer mechanism and mathematical characterization, sub-topic leader.

[3] National Natural Science Foundation of China: Research on mechanism of polymer-reinforced foam composite system and dynamic model of oil displacement, project leader.

[4] PetroChina Science and Technology Innovation Fund: Mechanism and feasibility study of modified water flooding buck injection in onshore tight reservoir, project leader.

[5] National Science and Technology Major Special Demonstration Project: Research on Invalid Cycle Identification and Quantitative Characterization Technology, Project Leader.

[6] National Natural Science Foundation of China: Study on diafiltration law and kinetic model of pre-crosslinked gel particles in porous media, second person in charge.

[7] China University of Petroleum (Beijing) Young Top Talents Funding Project: Research on Water Flooding Mechanism and Enhanced Oil Recovery Technology of Qianshan Fractured Reservoir, Project Leader.

[8] China University of Petroleum (Beijing) Outstanding Young Scholar Funding Project: Wettability evolution law of microscale pore interface and its influence on infiltration effect, project leader.